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Chicago Gang Member Admits to Violently Murdering Dog Over $3.78 Shirt


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DamienWilkersonfromChicago Police files1Damien Wilkerson, a thirty-four-year-old man living in Chicago, Illinois, admitted to brutally murdering a Pit Bull type dog. The known gang member admitted to police that he had killed the unnamed dog because  he said the dog had torn his shirt. Obviously Wilkerson was ready to kill something or someone. The shirt only cost $3.78, a paltry sum for such a heinous act. It looks like the murder was done in cold blood because Wilkerson told witnesses that he was going to kill the dog then proceeded to jump the fence into his neighbor’s yard.

Witnesses  said he jumped the fence to get to the dog and started beating him with a plastic milk crate. They then saw Wilkerson beating the dog with a knife in his hand. All this was supposedly over a really cheap shirt. How sick is this poor excuse for a man?

When police arrived, they found the murdered dog in a near by alley trash can. Another dog, a puppy, escaped and was not harmed.

According to police records, when they arrived they found the murdered dog in a nearby trash can in the alley. Wilkerson told police, “Yeah I killed that … dog,” the Chicago Tribune reports. “I don’t give a …,” he continued telling officials. “The dog tore my shirt. This … cost $3.78.”
The dog abuser then went on to allegedly say, “I ain’t gonna let no dogs or no n – – – – – punk me.”

Wilkerson, a self-admitted Cicero Insane Vice Lord gang member, told police one of the dogs went for his throat during the beating, so he “choked the dog out.”

Wilkerson was arrested this past Saturday and is being charged with  aggravated cruelty to animals. Cook County Judge Maria Kuriakos Ciesil ordered him held Sunday in jail instead of being allowed to post an $80,000 bond.

One has to wonder if Wilkerson was just looking for someone or something to kill. How could the dog have torn his shirt if he was in another yard? Sounds like the dog happened to be at the very wrong place at the wrong time when Wilkerson decided he needed to kill. Did the shirt get torn while Wilkerson was already choking him? I wonder how many humans and other animals have met this same fate at his hands or the hands of a member of his “posse?” If it is only this one poor dog that is one too many.