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Chihuahua Found Alive in Fire Ruins


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A raging fire in San Francisco injured six people and left more than 70 homeless last Thursday, including a terrified, soot covered Chihuahua that had been separated from its owner.

The dog was found huddling in a closet, and was eventually turned over to animal control, where workers say the fear stricken pup trembled incessantly.

Meanwhile, Rolando Walker had been searching frantically for his lost dog after they became separated in the fire.

“When the firemen came, they kicked at my door, he jumped out of my arms and he ran underneath the bed, and I tried to get him, but the firemen wouldn’t let me and the firemen just grabbed me and pulled me out,” said Walker.

Walker eventually found his way to Paco, and you must see the moment when a dog threatened with death finds safety in the arms of its guardian. This is a beautiful reunion.

“This is the most important thing to me in the world. My little boy right here,” said Walker, a disabled veteran who was among the few to survive the 1983 truck bombing of US barracks in Beirut that killed 241 Americans. “And I am so happy that he made it through and survived, I don’t know how — by the grace of God.”

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