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City Employee Fired after Weed-Whacking Dog

by Melanie

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8.7.13 - Weed-Whacked Dog2

A city employee has been fired for going after a three-year-old boxer with a weed-whacker at a dog park in Dallas, Texas.

The dog, named Ellie, sustained about a dozen thin lacerations to her chest when according to witnesses, the contractor lunged at the dog, who was not in any way provoking him. He also went after other dogs nearby, but Ellie was the only one he struck.

Ellie jumped back and yelped. I mean you could hear it hit,” said George Schneider, who was taking care of Ellie for her owners, Archie and Jennifer David. “To hit a defenseless animal, that gets to me.”

8.7.13 - Weed-Whacked Dog1The employee was not even supposed to be at the park that day, which is closed on Tuesdays specifically for maintenance.

Good Earth Landscaping, the company that had employed the man, is to be commended for their swift actions after the incident: they immediately fired the man, has offered to pay for Ellie’s medical treatment, gave a pet shop gift card to her owners, and has made a donation to an animal charity.

I have a dog too,” said Good Earth supervisor Emily Points.

I don’t think the company could have responded any better,” said Archie David.

It is unknown if the former employee received any kind of citation for his act of animal cruelty, but the Davids said police are pursuing the matter, and have asked for photos and veterinary records.

People need to be aware if they see animal cruelty, they do need to report it, because people do care,” said Jennifer David.