Blind and Deaf Dog Friends Adopted Together

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photo by Zach Skow
Dillon (left) is completely blind, and Eve is deaf and blind in one eye.  (Photo by Zach Skow.)


Finding a home for a dog in need can be a challenge. It’s even more challenging for a bonded pair. And it’s even harder still when each of those bonded dogs has a disability. But by the grace of one woman whose heart was instantly touched by such dogs, they now have a loving family to call their own.

The barking best buds met at a shelter in Bear Valley, California. Dillon, a blind border collie, was dropped off at a kennel and never retrieved. Eve, a deaf Catahoula leopard dog mix, was discovered by a letter carrier, nearly frozen to death in a snow drift.

I thought their disabilities would have pushed them farther apart.  But for some reason, right off the bat they just clicked,” said Zach Skow, Executive Director of Marley’s Mutts.  “Their abilities to help each other rather than hamper themselves seemed to bring them together and get the best out of them, it is amazing to see just how they work.”

Eve and Dillon help each other with day-to-day activities, and each brings a sense of peach to the other.

They are perfect for one another in the way they watch out for one another,” said Skow. “Each has never been more at ease than when they are together.”

8.7.13 - Blind, Deaf and 'Dopted3
(Photo by Caters.)


The shelter sought a home for them on Facebook, knowing how arduous it would be.

Let’s face it, disabilities in the canine world are very misunderstood,” Skow said.

But it was easier than staff thought. A local woman, Shelley Scudder, saw the post about Dillon and Eve and fell in love with their precious faces.  She already had four dogs and wasn’t sure she was up to the challenge with two more, but their companionship and need for a home together won her over.

A co-worker of mine showed me a picture of Eve and by the fourth day I said ‘OK, I’ve got to meet this dog,’” Scudder said. “I think they’re going to enjoy their lives together here.”

“The home they are in is quite honestly perfect, and the two even have an 11-year-old human that they have added to their gang,” Skow said.

Best kisses to Shelley, Dillon and Eve.