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Clever Dog Tricks Passersby into Playing With Her by Fetching Her “Lost” Ball

by Melanie

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Sue is a typical Border Collie – too smart for her own good.  When she goes outside to play in her Netherlands yard, she “accidentally” loses her ball over the fence and then sits beside it looking sad so people will toss her ball back to her.

When someone has thrown the ball they continue along their way, so they don’t see what happens next.  Sue fetches it and then drops it over the fence for the next unsuspecting person traveling past.

“In the beginning, I was surprised, but now it’s so normal,” mom Kelly Dobbe told The Dodo. “During the weekend it is very busy at the fence. Sometimes cars also stop to throw the ball back.”

Some might think that she’s just trying to break up the boredom of being made to spend long days outside, but that’s not the case at all.



        “She’s done this since she was a puppy.  She barks in the morning at the door to go outside, then wants to stay until 6 pm when she gets hungry and tired. She is sad when it’s raining, because she can’t play outside.” Hopefully no one catches on to Sue’s ruse, but even if they do, they’ll likely lob the ball over the fence, anyway, because how could ya not?  To see more of Sue, follow her on Instagram.