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Coast Guard Rescues Man and Three-Legged Dog from Rough Seas

by Katherine

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On March 16, 2014, Texas Coast Guard rescued 24-year-old Andy Richard, and his three-legged golden retriever, from their capsized boat off of Port O’Connor, 90 miles northeast of Corpus Christi.

Richard and his dog were on their way to help another boat that was having trouble at sea, but due to the strong winds and rough waters, Richard’s boat capsized and both, man and dog needed rescue.

Man and three-legged pet rescued form rough seas.
Man and three-legged pet rescued form rough seas.


According to an ABC news report when Coast Guards arrived, they found Richard and his dog balancing on top the overturned boat.

When the pet and his owner were overthrown, the Richards made sure his three-legged friend was safe. He pushed the canine on top of the boat.

Jerrold Wynn responded to the emergency call and told ABC news that the dog was scared. The pet was clinging to his owner and the boat.

A life vest was thrown to the pet owner and once the Coast Guard boat was close enough to the overturned vessel, Richards handed his dog to rescuers and he then jumped over onto the rescue ship.

Thanks to the heroic Coast Guard men, the pet owner and his dog are alive today.