Sanitation Worker Rescues Dog from Ohio Dumpster

by Katherine

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On Feb. 21, 2014, a sanitation worker from Fairfield County, Ohio, discovered a black Dachshund inside a dumpster located in a Roosters Wings restaurant. Thankfully, the dog was found before the garbage and the dog were crushed and send off to a landfill.

The hero sanitation worker took the dog inside the restaurant and manager Dusti Thompson-Wears rushed over to cover the pet with a restaurant T-shirt.

“I got him one of our Roosters’ T-shirts and wrapped him up, just because he was shivering and scared,” Thompson-Wears told 10 TV News.

Dusty was saved from a dumpster.
Dusty was saved from a dumpster.

Restaurant employees contacted the Fairfield Area Humane Society to have the canine rescued. The animal organization believes the dog was purposely placed inside the dumpster by someone, but they have no idea why someone would do such thing to this sweet pup.

The canine was found in good health, yet he had no microchip to help identify his owners. Dusty was placed on hold for 72 hours, and after no one came forward to claim him, he was made available for adoption.

On Feb 24, 2014, the Fairfield Area Humane Society posted on their Facebook wall that thanks to the large number of inquiries they received for the dumpster dog, they had been able to find Dusty a loving forever home.

“Thank you everyone who has expressed interest and well wishes on Dusty!” read the post. “We have found him an excellent home and he is at our vet being neutered and prepped for his new home. Thank you for your support and please consider adoption as there are plenty of animals looking for great homes.”

Dusty we wish you the best in your forever home. May you never be dumped again!