Cocker Spaniel becomes youngest dog in UK to get a full hip replacement

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Stanley, a 10-month-old cocker spaniel, has a much brighter future after becoming the youngest dog in the UK to undergo a full hip replacement. It wasn’t long ago that Stanley was dragging himself along the floor because his hind legs were in so much pain. Now the “bionic dog” is running and playing like he always wanted.

When Stanley’s walking became too painful for him his worried owners took him to the vet. After an x-ray it was discovered that Stanley had a rare degenerative disorder called Legg-Calve-Perthes disease. The disease was causing his hip joints to slowly disintegrate. Stanley would need a £6,000 operation or he would most likely need to be put down.

The surgery was performed on Stanley at only five-and-a-half months old. The procedure is typically only performed on full-grown dogs. “It’s not routinely done in dogs under the age of 10 to 12 months old because you normally have to wait for them to finish growing but because Stanley was in so much pain we decided to take the risk and put him through the surgery even though he was a very small pet at the time,” said Stephanie Tickale of Maypole Veterinary Clinic.

Stanley has made a full recovery and is loving being able to run around pain free. Although Stanley has a new pain free life, he is in need of a new home. The circumstances in his family changed and they had to give him up. “He loves life. He’s absolutely like a bottle of pop,” said Ray Dedicoat, owner of Hollytrees Animal Rescue. “Considering what he’s gone through it takes some believing.  We call him the bionic dog.”

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  1. See here is another example of a pet that needs surgery, his owners can’t afford it so instead of the place doing the surgery for free because they did the surgery anyway….They take the dog from a loving home … the surgery and is now looking for a loving home for the dog…… I just cant seem to grasp this and really its sad for the dog.. who before had a family I’m sure he adored and now is homeless… u people did the surgery, why to save the dog and give him a new life….What the people do not deserve to have their dog back to due lack of love …no lack of money…… sad~sad~sad~Now we have a beautiful dog sitting somewhere alone without the family he knew and loved…. waiting for another family, wait better make sure they have money in case this dog needs u again, then he’d be taking away, and bingo looking for another family……wtf…..don’t gert me wrong I’m thrilled that the dog is running and playing and has a second chance.. he should just be running into the arms of his last loving family…….


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