Owner Says Boxers Scheduled for Euthanasia were Defending Home from Trespassers

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Tim Iocoangeli is fighting to save his family, his four Boxers, from being put to death tomorrow.  He lost them back in April when they attacked a teen girl, and at the very least wants the chance to say goodbye.

“I can’t even say goodbye to them,” Iocoangeli said, his voice cracking.  “I mean, honestly, it’s cruel.  I can’t say goodbye to them?  And they’re never going to be around again.  They’re good dogs.  I mean, that’s my best friend.  All of them are.  They slept with me every night, every night since they were born, and then now they’re gone.”

In April, he left Buddha, Brooklyn, Sheena and Sweetie, along with their puppies, inside his home while he went out.  Two teens opened his front door, and one of them was attacked.  She was bitten dozens of times, and neighbors claim they had to throw bricks to make the dogs stop.  The dogs were impounded, and it was determined that the adult dogs should all be destroyed and the puppies put up for adoption.

Iocoangeli said the teens were clearly trespassing and his dogs were just doing what they were supposed to – protecting their home.  They were likely overly-aggressive because of the puppies, just as any new parent would be.

“I am horrified about this girl that got bit,” he said.  “But the thing is they’re just looking at the bite thing and not around it.  Trespassing.  They were never allowed in that house.”

Prosecutors said otherwise, and the judge ruled against Iocoangeli, saying the victim never entered the house.  The dogs were not said to have been roaming around on the streets, so if the victim did not attempt to go inside, how would the dogs have mauled her?

Iocoangeli, who is facing four felony counts for the dog attacks, at least wants the chance to say goodbye to his cherished family members.  Animal control will not allow this, because they say allowing anyone, even their owner, to see them would expose the county to liability.

“It’s wrong,” Iocoangeli said.  “Eight months, and I couldn’t even go in there.  Liability?  What liability?”

Iocoangeli started a Facebook page and a petition to save his dogs, and pleads with the public to help before it is too late.



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25 thoughts on “Owner Says Boxers Scheduled for Euthanasia were Defending Home from Trespassers”

  1. This is such a sad commentary on what is wrong with our society. Someone posts a story on-line and everyone reacts emotionally without bothering to find out the facts or even verify if it is true. Some of these posts are so disturbing in the harm they wish on the teenage girl who was “bit” for “trespassing”. Read the story attached to this over again and ask yourself “How can this be right, it makes no sense?”. Then do some research and you will find that this story is misleading and leaves out all the facts that would connect the dots. Chief among those facts are that the girl was not trespassing and never opened the door. She was in fact on the front lawn which makes more sense since the report said neighbors threw bricks at the dog to try and help the girl. Now would neighbors be grabbing bricks and hauling them into the house to help or is it more likely that it happened outside where bricks were more available. And she was not just bit a dozen or so times, she was mauled and had to be hospitalized for numerous days and sedated due to trauma. Again makes more sense judging by the neighbors reactions. And lastly his lamenting about not being allowed to see his dogs and say good-bye. What is more likely; the judge and court in his town are just being mean and cruel for no reason, or that this guy and his dogs are under investigation for a serious assault and that is why he can’t visit them. Once again the latter is true and not the story above which again makes more sense since he is being charged with 4 felonies. There also seems to be some suspicion that the owner is a dog fighter which again is logical since he is not allowed to see the dogs and their attack was so vicious………….THINK people don’t just react. You have all been further victimizing this poor girl in defense of these dogs and their owner. I feel for the dogs and are saddened by what will happen to them, but the blame for it all belongs to the man you are all trying to defend. Their is an old saying that I think applies here ” Their are no bad dogs, just bad owners.”

    • Richard, quit making up stories. You say there is suspicion the owner is a dog fighter? Since when are boxers, who can’t fight their way out of a paper bag, used for fighting?

      • Pedro, really??? Boxers have been used for years in dog fighting rings. I for one know three count them three, that have sadly had to find other homes for their dogs as they bit their children. These dogs were all adopted, as most of my friends believe in adopting out of the shelters. But I will also say this, I have many many friends that own boxers and have never had not one problem. But please, do not tell me that boxers have not been known to bite, because I know otherwise.

        • When did I say boxers have not been known to bite??? When did I say that??????

          Why are you putting words in my mouth? Words I never said?

        • I don’t blame dogs when they bite children. 99% of the time it was the kid doing something to the dog. I blame the adult who left a small child unattended with a dog.

          I watched a child repeatedly pull a dogs ear, even said something to the mother. Well after I just said something the dog, a small sweet mix, bit the kids hand. She didn’t draw blood. But she made it clear she was sick of being tortured.

          Children aren’t always as innocent as well like to think.

      • Boxers where for all intense purposes originally for hunting large game like boar. in the early 1900’s in Germany the breed was being used as police and military dogs.

        While most Boxers now are soft couch pillows, My boxers have a strong protection drive, and not only will they destroy the paper bag, eat it, then bring it to you. They KNOW when they are supposed to be on guard and fight.

        Most Boxers are cuddle monsters, but if you threaten their homes, they will become hell hounds. My 65lb female chased a grown man over a six foot fence. Guess he shouldn’t have been trying to steal out of my garden.

    • Well I believe if ur getting growled at by a dog u back away so if ur getting attacked u RUN AWAY so that’s y she was on the lawn

    • Dogs used in dog fighting are not aggressive to humans, or they would be impossible to handle. There were puppies involved-so of cause a hightened sense of protection. The bottom line is they were told NOT to go in the house and the dogs were shut inside. So SOMEONE opened the door- and that SOMEONE is the criminal in this case-not the dogs-whose owner had them safely away from everyone.

  2. Totally agree, Richard. I love my dog, but she would never in a million years attack someone who walked into my house, or on my lawn, or whatever happened here. These are not normal dogs. Normal dogs don’t maul people regardless of the situation. A quick fear bite is one thing, if a dog is cornered or scared — but not dozens of bites that require someone to be hospitalized. I totally support stiffer penalties for animal abuse, but dangerous dogs, maybe raised to be fighters by this owner, have to be controlled. And no, an unexpected person walking into your house doesn’t justify deadly force. The courts have been finding against morons who think they can shoot anyone who steps on their property, too. Don’t kid yourselves.

    • Exactly, this reminds me of a story about a year ago where an old woman in her 80’s I think shot a few bullets through her front door late at night when she heard someone trying to open it. Turns out it was one of her neighbors who was drunk and confused and she got lucky and missed killing him. The News anchors thought it was funny and were proud of the old woman for defending herself and barely mentioned at the end of the report that she almost murdered her drunken neighbor by firing blind potshots through her closed and locked front door!! Most of my friends as well said she was right in what she did, and what if it had been a burglar or rapist trying to break in. I replied well what if it had been her Granddaughter and kids needing help in the middle of the night or a police officer trying to warn her of something. Wouldn’t be so funny anymore if she opened the door and found a dead relative or cop with their brains splattered all over her porch. It makes me ill how commonplace violence has become in our culture and human life now has so little value. The Second Amendment does guarantee Americans the right to own a gun, but it does NOT give you the right to turn your property or neighborhood into the old west.

    • Hmmm… Really I don’t know the facts because, I wasn’t there but what I do know is…. People want dogs as pets for many reasons… One of the top reasons is for home protection.

      Honestly that is the #1 reason I got my 2 pits… They are sweet dogs…extremely genital with children …. and OH SOOO FUNNY

      …. But they wouldn’t think twice about fending off intruders in order to protect our family… and I expect them to do so and with deadly force if they deemed necessary … and if they didn’t defend our family and home at all … I would get new dogs because I refuse to have a gun in my home at this time in my life.

      Many people feel as I do… gun vs. dogs….Hmmm…. I choose dogs for now… considering I have 5 young children… Having that add sense of security brings comfort to me and many other people out there…I also teach my children NOT to trespass onto or into anyone’s property and they know better then to be in the company of someone that does those type of things.

      BUT… If this was a TRUE unwarranted attack on the victim… Then I am all for 100% of putting the dogs down…After all if a dog viciously and spontaneously starts mauling a human without justification…Then there is something VERY wrong with the dog (medically) or owner (mentally)

      My heart goes out to the owner of the dogs (I think its odd but…) Some people relate to their animals as human members of their family….and He seems pretty heart-broken… poor guy looks like someone told him a Dingo ate his baby.

      My heart more so, goes out to the victim…after all…she is a REAL human …I hope she has a full and quick recovery…. weather she was right or wrong… that totally had to suck…

      What I mean by:

      “Then there is something VERY wrong with the dog (medically) or owner (mentally)”

      If the dog was raised in good tasted and suddenly went nuts because of an un-foreseen medical issue in it’s brain or something
      If the owner had mental issue causing the dog to be aggress by training the dog in bad taste (dog fighting) or being a loser and hurting the animal …Or just outright …Contributing to unpredictable & aggressive behavior do to the owners style of training.

    • I have a question for ya Mr./Mrs. Anonymous….

      Suppose you have a children and a creeper comes into your home and tries to take or rape one of your daughters??? Would you say there was something wrong with your dog if it bit that person repeatedly (otherwise know as mauling)??? Or would be ok with just a warning bite out of fear???
      Keep in mind …. The people that commit such vile crimes are running on primal aggression and/ or drugs and god know what else…and a little warning bit from a dog wont mean much to them…those people are out for the kill and I EXPECT my dogs to do whatever they have to do to protect my family… and I will have YOU know that my 2 Pits saved my neighbor (that I can’t stand) from being raped and she lived on the second floor of the house across the street.

      Ever hear of ANIMAL INSTACT??? Ya, well ….. Animals are freakin instinctive…and know when its fight or flight time…

      I have dogs not chickens so I do not expect to see them take flight….They are a pack animal and there fore I expect then to protect to our family to the fullest, if the urgency is there.

  3. Robert, you are wrong on so many levels..

    The girl in question, it was stated she was 2 feet away from her boyfriend when he opened the door.

    Of course she ended up on the lawn, after she backed off from the dog coming at her when she was at the door !

    The dog was defending it’s home AND it’s PUPPIES, it was defending it’s children from an invader.

    I will leave it as simple as that, no need for a wall of text, like your pathetic excuses for murdering these dogs, dogs who were only protecting their home and pack from intruders who had been warned, repeatedly, to stay away from the property due to the pack having puppies.

    You are a sick, twisted individual, if you think killing these poor dogs is fair and justified.

    As for the girl ? I hope she never forgets that her reckless actions, and those of her boyfriend, are what got these dogs killed.

    This is murder, there is no other word for it, cold-blooded, heartless, premeditated murder.

    An invader who had been told not to enter the property.

    • Freed these dogs man, there is no need to kill these innocent dogs. All they have done is to protect THEIR OWN HOUSE AND THEIR PUPPIES.

      Robert, you are just ingnorant human being and a dog hater….boooo

  4. This Robert guy is grasping at straws here; a door was opened that wasn’t their own and the dogs reacted, the trespassers OF COURSE ended up in the yard with the upset dogs following suit. I’m the owner of a lab/corgi and an aus/lab who wouldn’t think twice before coming to mine or my significant others aide, and we would do the same for them, that doesn’t make us irresponsible pet owners. Get a grip.

  5. Estoy total,emte deacuerdo con la mayoria de las opiniones, la solucion no es matar a los perros, de hecho se esta desviando la atencion de lo realmente importante, que son dos intrusos violando una propiedad….si esto termina con la muerte de los perros, lo que le estan diciendo a estos dos jovenes delincuentes, es que se pueden salir con la suya y la niña si bien ya tiene bastante para el resto de su vida, en vez de tomar esto como una leccion, utilizara el argumento de la culpa de los perros y no la responsabilidad de su mal juicio y acto.

  6. Well, my dog BETTER bite someone coming into my house when I do not want them there. If they are dumb enough to enter illegally then so be it. So let me get this straight: cops and shoot any dog any time. But owners cannot have their dogs as protectors from break-ins?

    You bet there is something wrong.


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