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Cody’s Story: From Caged Existence to Forever Family, Brother, & Unconditional Love

by Adrea

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Cody may seem to be living the “Life of Riley,” but things didn’t start out that way for the sweet little Westi-poo.  For the first 6 months of his life, he was kept in a cage, forced to go to the bathroom on pee pads in the kitchen.  The puppy was literally a prisoner in the house.

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When he found a wonderful forever home with Julie Korth, things were still really hard for him.  He was fearful of anything outside of the house, particularly busses and motorcycles.  He had never worn or collar or been exposed to a leash. So much of what should have been a normal part of a dog’s life when in a happy home was completely foreign to him.

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Julie worked with him slowly, getting him to understand that he was in a safe place, and that outdoors was a new adventure for him.  In a short 30 days, he was walking on a leash and enjoying life outside of the house. He loves Frisbee, playing catch up and down the stairs, and quite fond of playing hide and seek with his toys.

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When it came time to find a brother, Cody went along and choose Mozzie, namesake of Mozzie Pants. The pair are a perfect match, with Cody teaching Mozzie the indoor rules and Mozzie showing Cody the joys of being outside.

Cody in Fleece Top and Pants

Now, a long way from the days when he was sequestered and alone, though Cody is still afraid of being outside at night, he has learned that he is in a safe, loving environment, thanks to the love he has found in his forever family.


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