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Dogs Fighting to Survive North Carolina Floodwaters Are Rescued

by Melanie

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Hurricane Matthew has torn through parts of the southeastern US as predicted, and many pets were left behind to brave the storm on their own – some intentionally, some because their owners could not get home to help them before being separated by the water.  Fortunately, there were many wonderful volunteers working to save all of them.



Though the video does not show it, this dog was saved.  Here are some other dogs saved…

















While at least 15 lives have been claimed by the storm in the US, Haiti has borne the brunt of the catastrophe with over 900 dead.  The country is still in shambles after the devastating earthquake of 2010, with many still homeless.  Now because of the flood’s destruction, there is no clean water or sewage disposal, and as a result, many people are being sickened by cholera, which is often fatal.  If you would like to help this ravaged nation, click on the links below.

Humane Society International – provides relief to animals during emergencies.

The following are charities to aid people:

Planting Peace – 100 percent of the proceeds go towards providing medication.

CARE – 90 percent of every dollar goes towards clean water, food, and emergency supplies.

UNICEF – 90 percent of every dollar goes towards children affected by disaster.

Hope for Haiti – 95 percent of donations go towards increasing the quality of life for Haitians.