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Collar a Day Giveaway: Day 1


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If you missed mention of this on our fan page, surprise! Life With Dogs is saying thanks to our fans for making April a banner month by giving away a collar every day this week, Monday through Friday. I have a few collars left from our review of White Pines collars last year, and these are far too nice to be collecting dust on my desk, so it’s time to let you put one to good use! There is only one catch – this is only open to our e-mail subscribers. Not subscribed? No worries, just click on the daily digest button on the right hand side of the site, below our Facebook fan page box.

I have mixed sized and colors, so here is how this will work. Every day I’ll mention the size and color of the collar being offered. All you have to do is check out the post when you get e-mail notification (to make sure you like, and can use the collar of the day) and reply to the subscription e-mail (our address: [email protected]) to tell me you want it –  but you must include a pic of your dog. Call me selfish, but I love to see where these are going!

E-mail notifications are sent to all simultaneously, so this will be a bit of a race to the prize. Have fun, and good luck! Details for today’s collar are below the pic. For full descriptions visit


Monday collar giveaway details: 9/16″ width soft snap collar. Size: 10″-16″  color: twilight (dark blue)

See you in my inbox!

1. make sure you send your e-mail to [email protected]
2. Due to the volume of incoming e-mail, I will only be able to reply to the winner. Winners will be announced the following day. I will try to make a note in each day’s post as soon as I have a winner in order to spare you the trouble of e-mailing me, but this is subject to my ridiculous schedule, so no promises. Speaking of that crazy schedule, all collars will be mailed the weekend following the giveaway, so if you win early you may have to wait ten days or so to see your prize.

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