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Community Helps Find Missing Fire House Dog

by Katherine

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Members of the Central Fire District’s house in Smithville, Ohio, were worried they would never see Ember, the fire house mascot, after she ran away. But with the help of the community, the beloved dog was found 14 days after she went missing.

The Dalmatian and Blue Heeler mix is owned by Chief Mark Burns, and while he was vacationing with his family  in Gatlinburg, Tenn., the dog stayed with Heather Allen, a family friend, in Holmes County. Unfortunately, the fire dog escaped Allen’s home after a gate was not securely latched.


The Burns family cut their vacation short and came back to town to look for their dog. They used social media to ask community members for help, and thanks to the community outreach through social media sites, the Burns received many tips on the whereabouts of their dog.

Pennie Burns says that it was social media that helped bring Ember home.

Two weeks after the dog ran away, a local resident called the Burns family to say the dog was hanging around 3450 Triway Lane. The pet owners immediately drove to the location and spotted the dog. Ember had lost some weight but was overall healthy.

“Our family finally feels whole,” Pennie Burns told The Daily Record.

Ember and the Burns family.
Ember and the Burns family.

Burns and his family are not the only one excited to have the dog back home, member of Smithville’s Central Fire House will be glad to have Ember back at work, as she will continue to accompany Chief Burns on his work calls.