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Community Raises Money to Save Veteran’s Dog Injured by a Plow Truck


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mollyOn Tuesday night an Australian shepherd named Molly was hit by a plow truck. The accident broke all four of her limbs and she desperately needs surgery to survive.

When Molly’s owner brought her to the Center for Advanced Veterinary Care in Manchester, New Hampshire she was in bad shape. Molly was unable to walk and bleeding, but despite having four broken legs she still wagged her tail.

Molly’s owner, a veteran, could not afford to pay for the surgery and thought he would have to put Molly down. Then another veterinarian at the office, Dr. Kelloway, heard about Molly’s situation and asked if Molly’s owner would be willing to surrender her so the vets could make the decisions about Molly’s care and try to save her.

The veteran left the office crying, having to give up his dog in order to save her. When he drove away the receptionist at the clinic noticed his license plate said “Veteran.” Now Dr. Kelloway and the staff at the Center for Advanced Veterinary Care want to be able to give that man the best Christmas present by saving his dog for him and returning her to him.

Dr. Kelloway has set up an online account to raise funds to help pay for Molly’s surgeries. In just a couple of days thousands of dollars was raised and Molly will now not only get the surgery she needs, but her post surgery care will be paid for as well.

Molly is scheduled for surgery on Saturday that is estimated to take 10 hours. She will have to spend two weeks in the hospital after surgery and undergo several months of rehab.