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Compassionate Cop Saves Run Over Dog

by Katherine

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Dino, a 9-year-old miniature Pinscher from Boston found the door to his backyard open on the morning of November 18, 2013. As the curious dog he is, he stepped out of his yard, but instead of finding a world full of happiness and love, he met a speeding car that ran him over and left him for dead.

A young boy and owner of the innocent pet witnessed the accident, and as unconscious Dino laid hurt on the ground, the boy stood frozen on the side of the road screaming for his dying pet.

Photo Credit: Let's Adopt! Global
Photo Credit: Let’s Adopt! Global


Police officers were called to the scene and when Sergeant Joe Leeman, from Boston Police District 7, arrived he did what any animal lover would do. He picked up Dino and drove him to a veterinarian hospital.

Sgt. Leeman had lost his own pet in a traffic accident, so he understood the pain the little boy and his family were experiencing.

The police officer could have called Animal Control and waited for them to pick up Dino, who subsequently would have been euthanized, but instead this hero officer felt he needed to save Dino’s life by taking him to vet clinic.

The officer’s good deeds did not stop with the dog’s transport. Sgt. Leeman went back to his department, collected $200 among his fellow officers, and returned to the vet hospital to hand the funds and help cover Dino’s medical expenses.

Photo Credit: Let's Adopt! Global
Photo Credit: Let’s Adopt! Global

The accident left Dino with a broken back and his owners, a widow and her three kids, did not have the economic means to cover the expenses. Luckily for Dino, Lets Adopt! Global were at the hospital, and after witnessing the pain this family was going through, and seeing how much will to live Dino had, they decided to help.

Lets Adopt! Global started as Facebook-based group with the simple goal to help animals in need in Turkey. This group builds social media bridges connecting a new generation of animal activists in the world with one another, and through online media awareness, they collect funds to help animals in need.

Their website states that in recent years Let’s Adopt! Global has expanded and new chapters have opened in Germany, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Canada, and the U.S. among other places.

Let’s Adopt! Global new that in order for Dino to get the best medical treatment, he needed to be transferred to a larger area animal hospital. They moved Dino to Tuft’s University Foster Hospital for Small Animals, located in North Grafton, MA (tel 508-839-5395).

Dino arrived at Tuft’s Hospital and after an initial diagnosis it was determined that he needed surgery on his back. Let’s Adopt! Global contributed $3,000 towards the pet’s medical expenses but the total medical expenses reach $5,000.

Dino was operated and on Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2013, Let’s Adopt! Global said “Dino’s operation was totally successful.” His spinal cord was realigned using pins and special surgical cement, and Dino is able to stand and take a few steps.

You can see Dino’s surgical outcome in this video:


There is still a lot of rehabilitation in Dino’s future. The dog’s bladder and anus reflexes were damaged in the accident and he will need treatment and special care. However, there is the possibility that Dino may not fully recover these.

“What matters now is that he is alive [and] that he is progressing wonderfully,” posted Let’s Adopt! Global.

If you would like to contribute towards Dino’s medical expenses and support the heroic act Sgt. Leeman, from Boston Police District 7, started when he saved Dino’s life, you can contact Tuft’s Hospital and make a donation.

Call 508-839-5395 and ask to be directed to the Accounting Department. Say you would like to donate towards Dino, the 9-year-old miniature Pinscher dog hit by a car. Let the accounting department know that the organization helping Dino is Let’s Adopt! Global, this will ensure your donation goes towards the intended dog.

Let’s help Dino get back on all four!

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