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Connecticut Dog Saves Infant’s Life

by Melanie

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10.12.12 DukeA Connecticut family has a new-found appreciation for their already-loved dog.  Over the weekend, the Brousseaus’ dog Duke saved their baby’s life.

Jenna Brousseau and her husband had no idea that their mixed-breed dog was so special when he was adopted from a shelter six years ago.  Now Duke is earning their highest praises.

On Sunday night, Duke awoke Jenna and her husband after he jumped on their bed and began furiously shaking.

“If Duke hadn’t been so scared, we probably would have just gone to sleep,” Jenna explained.

She said that this was completely out of character for Duke.  His bizarre behavior prompted the pair to check on their nine-week-old daughter in her nursery.  She had stopped breathing.  The panicking parents called 911, and quick-moving paramedics were able to revive the unconscious Harper.

“He’s the perfect dog.  He was meant to be ours, and meant to be hers,” Jenna said.  “I tell him all the time you were born in mommy’s heart, just because he was so meant to be ours.  He’s heaven.  He’s a good boy.”

October is Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog month.  The Brousseaus shared their story because they hope to inspire others to take a chance and adopt a shelter dog.  You never know – one day they could save your life. News, Weather