Dog runs into burning home to save her puppies

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shaiWhen Sarah Mills smelled smoke as her house caught on fire she was able to escape along with her two-year-old female pit bull named Shai. Unfortunately, Shai’s litter of four-week-old puppies was still in the burning home. Shai’s motherly instincts kicked in and she ran back into the burning home to try to save them.

Mills tried to run in after Shai but was stopped by Calgary firefighters. As Shai ran into save her puppies, who were in the garage, she became trapped in the burning home. She covered her pups to protect them from the flames and luckily firefighters were able to rescue Shai and all of her puppies in time. It was fortunate the puppies were in the garage, if they hadn’t been firefighters aren’t sure they would’ve made it to them in time.

The damage to the home was extensive, but all the dogs made it out safely. “They were all wet and covered in smoke. They’re only four weeks old, but they’re still breathing,” said Mills cousin Stuart Nickelson. Shai and her puppies were all taken to the veterinary clinic for check-ups after the fire.