Connecticut Man Caught Striking Dog on Camera, Claims Innocence

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Since when does one have to beat a dog in order to get its attention? This comes off as a pretty hollow explanation, but watch and decide for yourself – innocent or guilty?

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33 thoughts on “Connecticut Man Caught Striking Dog on Camera, Claims Innocence”

  1. BS; I can’t believe that this guy is trying to deny what is on film. Disgusting and he should lose the dog. As a specialist in animal behavior I can clearly see that the dog is terrified and attempting to get away.


  2. First off, I think this guy is lying through his teeth – since it got caught on camera.

    Second, working at a shelter and talking to people who want to adopt dogs, I often meet people who see nothing wrong w/ this kind of treatment of an animal. The explanation is often related to “dominance theory” and the fact they feel they need to show a bouncy excited dog that they are the DOMINANT one. Then they talk to me, at length, about watching TV and seeing Brad Pattison and Cesar (and while I may not like Cesar’s training methods, I can say he’s never BEATEN a dog – asphyxiate, yes – beat, no).

    Some of these people are so sure that every move the dog makes is an effort to dominate them, I wouldn’t be surprised if the idiot in this news clip will use that as his excuse. The old and thrown out “Dominance Theory” and people who perpetuate it just give people like this guy an excuse to treat their dog’s crappily.

  3. From the short snippet shown, it looks to me that he was using an extreme amount of physical violence towards such a small and relatively well behaved dog. I have vast experience in fostering near feral as well as aggressive dogs and there is no need for this kind of ‘correction’ (using the term loosely here). Get yourself a good choke collar, or Halti and some juicy yummy treats for positive reinforcement and you will be surprised at the outcome. I sure hope our judiciary system works in favor of the dog here.


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