Cooper’s Field of Dreams

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If you’re not a fan of hunting you may want to skip this, but be aware that if you do, you’ll miss the opportunity to meet one of the more amazing and inspirational dogs we’ve seen of late.

If you can get past the shooting of a few pheasants, you’ll be rewarded with watching a dog bred for sport continuing to do what he loves, and doing it well – despite his blindness. Watching Cooper forge through thickets, working closely with his owner at his side, one can’t help but be moved by the  bond they have formed.

Cooper embodies the tireless spirit and determination that we so admire in dogs, and this enthusiastic hunter obviously has no time to feel sorry for himself – he’s far too busy living it up.

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45 thoughts on “Cooper’s Field of Dreams”

  1. What a great story, thanks for posting this on LIfe with Dogs! What an amazing partnership, and kudos for mom and daughter for telling the author “well I guess if you go blind we’ll have to put you down too!”

    This is the ultimate story showing the skills, drive and heart of how a purebred dog performs what they do best!

    This is also why it is so important when deciding on what breed or even mix with a propensity toward a particular breed, is the best for your lifestyle. For example, if you are lazy and a couch potato then you should pick a dog that is the same, and never consider a working breed like a border collie.

    Make the right choice for a happy and long life for your dog!

    • You have really said it all. This beautiful hunting dog is an inspiration to all of us who love dogs. The relationship between Cooper and his owner only grew stronger, at a sad time. His owner let Cooper’s innate abilities take over, and Cooper flourished, doing what he loved, continuing to hunt. It was wonderful to view this heartwarming story.

  2. I like the wife and daughter comment about when he goes blind we will put you down too. I cheered for them for saying that.

  3. What an awesome story. That is some extra special team. We had an English Setter that was the areas best bird dog. It is such a thrill watching them hunt. Charlie would give you a dirty look if you missed a shot.

  4. We have a chocolate lab/hound? mix who just showed up one Sunday in September of 2008. He was skinny and heartworm positive but so friendly. Webster is ours now and what a joy.
    He is gun shy and in this rural area full of hunters we are sure that someone decided he was no good and dumped him out.
    I’d like to thank that person for throwing out our “no good” fun loving clown. What a treasure.
    Kudos to the owner for not killing or dumping Cooper.


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