Aspen’s Avalanche Rescue Dogs

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Kaya and handler Lori Spence show us why dogs are your best bet for rescue should you find yourself trapped under an avalanche.

This is a fascinating watch, and is yet another terrific example of the selfless work that dogs do for the sake of man.

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14 thoughts on “Aspen’s Avalanche Rescue Dogs”

  1. Dogs are the next best creation after man…oh wait a minute, in some cases they FAR SURPASS [some] of mankind!!!

  2. ok, how about 99.99999% maybe more. And you know what…. they far surpass ALL of mankind…. I take it all back… it’s true!

  3. They don’t judge, steal, lie, cheat, kill for money and drugs, they aren’t bigoted, …yup., they’re WAY better than ALL people!


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