Cops Rescue Dog Trapped in Cat House

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Buddy, a curious golden retriever from Medford, NY, got in some real trouble when he pushed his head through the small entrance of a cat house and got stuck. Suffolk County police were called to assist in his rescue, and thanks to them, some patience, a crowbar and hammer, the dog was pulled out of the trap.

Photo Credit: SCPD
Photo Credit: SCPD


Officer Stephen Lukas, Officer Martin Gill and Sgt. Kit Gabrielsen responded to the pet owner’s distress call. When they arrived at the home, they found a large dog, crying and whining, trying to get his head unstuck from a 4 inches wide and 5 inches high cat door opening.

“He was in there, and he was in there good,” Fifth Precinct Officer Stephen Lukas told Newsday.

In order to free Buddy, the cat house had to be destroyed. Good thing the kitty house had no tenants because after the rescue operation was done, the house had to be condemned.

It took about 15 minutes to free the dog and during the process the canine was very nervous and scared.

“We kind of felt bad for him,” said Lukas. “He was crying a little bit and almost choking to get his head out . . . We told him to ‘hang in there.'”

Once the walls of the home were removed and the door’s entrance was pry open, Buddy was free. The dog ran around in circles celebrating his regained freedom.

The pet owner was very glad to see his dog running again and unhurt.