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Cora’s Second Chance


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Cora Before
Cora Before

Cora’s chances for adoption did not look good when she arrived at Homeward Pet Adoption Center, a no-kill animal rescue organization serving the Seattle area. The five month old puppy was covered in mange and was a Pit Bull, a breed that is too often overlooked for adoption due to commonly held fears and misconceptions regarding Pit Bulls.

Cora was found alone in the woods and had been brought to a municipal shelter. Her body was covered in scabs as a result of the mange and she was physically and emotionally exhausted. To make matters worse, there was an overabundance of Pit Bulls in the shelter, so even if someone wanted a Pit Bull, the odds are they would not pick her in her unhealthy state. Cora’s chances of remaining alive at the municipal shelter were very slim!

Thankfully, Cora was rescued and brought to Homeward Pet Adoption Center, saving her from imminent euthanasia and giving her the chance to heal. Though her mange was not life threatening, it was pretty severe and needed immediate treatment.

It took three months to restore Cora’s health to the point that they could think of finding her a home. During her recovery, Cora lived with a wonderful foster mother-Kimberlee. Cora was on the fast track to recovery and was beginning to thrive, becoming the playful puppy everyone knew she really was!

One other thing that everyone worried would prevent Cora from being adopted was the lack of socialization that she had received as a puppy. No one could tell if she would warm up to other dogs as she got older and so they could not guarantee this to those looking to adopt her.

After a few more months and just shy of her one year stay at Homeward Pet, despite all of this, Cora found her forever home. She is so lucky too! She is flourishing in a home with 10 acres of land alongside her new sister, Abby, a Rottweiler/lab mix.  She has numerous play buddies from the neighborhood and is making new friends every day.

Cora with New Family
Cora with New Family

Her forever family has given her the care, love and dedicated training that she needed to become better socialized and to do really well with others. She is very happy and everyone is grateful to have seen her adopted in the end, despite all of the odds being against her!


Homeward Pet Adoption Center is a nonprofit, no-kill animal shelter serving the Seattle area. Their mission is to give animals a second chance through their rescue, shelter and adoption programs. They also provide rehabilitation for animals with behavior issues. All animals receive medical care and spay/neuter services at their onsite clinic.