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New Jersey Family Reunited with Stolen Dog


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Katie reunited with her family and Justice Rescue
Katie reunited with her family and Justice Rescue

When a New Jersey family’s dog was stolen last week they were devastated. Thanks to the efforts of police and the group Justice Rescue the family’s dog Katie is back home safely.

Last week afternoon Katie was stolen from the Torres family home. Katie’s family was desperate to bring her back home safely.

“You’re breaking up a family to have your dog removed,” said Frank Torres. “She meant everything to us.”

They needed help to bring Katie home safely, and they found it with an organization called Justice Rescue.

“I woke up Friday and I typically have about 30 to 50 messages every day,” said Wolf, a member of Justice Rescue. “So I was going through them and I just saw a picture that really tugged at my heart. The soulfulness in her eyes, it just really took my breath away. It said she was stolen and I knew we had to do something.”

Wolf didn’t hesitate to act and sent text messages to the other members of Justice Rescue. They first used their Facebook page, which has over 20,000 fans, to get the word out about Katie. Then several of the members of Justice Rescue drove two hours from where they live in Delaware County, Pennsylvania to Vineland, New Jersey to being searching for Katie.

Justice Rescue searched the Torres home and interviewed them to try to get clues to Katie’s whereabouts.

“We determined that the person who took the dog lived in the area and they weren’t staying long,” said Wolf. “You don’t take a dog if you’re going to hang out, you have to get away.”

Justice Rescue then contacted Vineland police and began talking to people in the area trying to find any information that might lead to Katie.

Meanwhile a tip came in from Facebook.

“We heard that somebody said someone who was moving was seen bringing a TV into their house. Why would you bring a TV in if you’re moving?” said Wolf. “We looked around, and we saw a truck that had dog bowls in the back of it. The owner looked at the bowls and they were the same bowls that were stolen from the house, along with the dog and the TV. So we waited.”

While they waited the contacted the Vineland police and told them what they had found. The police arrived with a warrant to search the house. Although Katie wasn’t in the house police were able to track her down and she was reunited with the Torres family.

It was a happy reunion for Torres and for Justice Rescue.

“The fact that we got to meet Katie today is really reward to us… and to meet what a wonderful family that we know are going to remain friends forever,” said Wolf.

For more information on Justice Rescue visit their website.