Couple Donates 5,200 Pounds of Dog Food to Local Shelter

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mahoneyBob Mahoney may have just been released from the hospital but the 81-year-old made sure that he and his wife Mary got their 100 pounds of food and box of treats to the Athens County Dog Shelter. The couple has been donating the gift on a monthly basis for four years. The most recent donation brings their total 5,200 pounds of dog food.

The Mahoney’s started donating food to the shelter when a notice was run in the newspaper about how the shelter was in need of food for the dogs. “This is really my husband’s baby,” said Bob’s wife Mary. “He just started this one year. It’s just something we do.” Bob’s family says he’s always been a dog lover, and dogs usually share the same feeling towards Bob. His family says dogs tend to flock to him when he enters a room.

“It’s all for the dogs,” Bob said. Every month Bob, Mary and their dog Lady visit the shelter to bring their donation. The 100-pounds of dog food helps feed the approximately 25 dogs that are housed there. The donation will only last about two days, but it helps the shelter put money towards other needs. “It just shows how good of people they are, how big their hearts are,” said Jeff Koons, the dog warden. “It’s the epitome of paying it forward.”