Couple Facing Fine for Calling 911 to Rescue Dog

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A Missouri couple distressed by the sudden collapse of their beloved Great Dane called 911 for help. That call has them in hot water with police, who slapped them with a fine the following day.

According to Fox2Now, “Police said a 911 recording showed Rose Lakey clearly said her “daughter” needed help. She didn`t deny it; it could have happened given her hysterical state. Still, she said she knows she said “dog” at the beginning of the call. The Lakeys hoped for a little more understanding from police.”

Rose and Randy Lakey are due in O’Fallon, Missouri Municipal Court next month.

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  1. When you have police officers, firemen, and EMT personnel going out of their way to help animals, it sure makes for bad publicity when a police dept pulls this kind of stunt…that ticket needs to be cancelled immediately and an apology ensue. These people pay taxes too. I’m betting the judge lets them off.

  2. I called 911 aboout a dog that was left outside without food or water..The Officer that arrived was wonderful..He went out of his way to help the poor doggie.


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