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Terra: Trade Poo for Free WiFi


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Mexican internet portal Terra is encouraging dog owners to scoop the poop by offering them free WiFi in return. The company is piloting the idea at 10 parks in Mexico City.

terraWhen people throw away their bags of poop in a special box in the park, it calculates the weight and Terra gives everyone free minutes of Wi-Fi in the park. The greater the weight, the more minutes are added — and everyone can enjoy a poo-free park. In an age when people are probably more interested in staring at their smartphone than watching what their dog is doing, it’s a smart idea.

What’s to stop pedestrians from tossing not just poop, but other waste that they wouldn’t mind parting with? Nothing, says the agency, but that would just help keep the streets even cleaner. To help consumers focus on the poop, however, hostesses are stationed at each of the bins during the day, passing out bags for doggie droppings.