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Couple Spends Thousands And Uses Wedding Savings To Save Dog


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mackWhen Kati Howe and Thomas Wolfe’s dog Mack contracted a horrible infection covering one leg and most of his chest the soon-to-be-married couple sacrificed the money they had saved up for their wedding to save him.

It is believed that Mack was bitten by something poisonous earlier this month. The infection on hi skin has gotten so severe that it is likely he was bitten by a rattle snake or has contracted a flesh eating bacteria. Skin around his arm pit and chest has completely fallen off. He is currently receiving treatment to stop the spreading of the infection and bring down the swelling. The veterinarians will then receive surgery to repair his skin and any possible muscle damage.

The bills to treat Mack have piled up and have already cost thousands of dollars. Howe has picked up double shifts at her job to try to raise more money. “We don’t want to have to put him down just because of financials, but it’s already cost a ton and to leave him in the hospital with all the medicine is almost $1,000 a day,” said Howe. A fund has been set up to help with the cost of Mack’s treatment. To make a donation visit the Help Save Mack Website.