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Courageous Dog Saves British Teenage Girl from Attack

by Katherine

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Megan Jones was walking her Staffordshire bull terrier Midi when a man approached her with a large stick on hand. Though the aggressor hit 13-year-old Jones over the head with the object, he had no way of escaping Midi’s bite.

Photo Credit: Wales News
Photo Credit: Wales News

The attack took place in a secluded wooded path in Bargoed, near Caerphilly, South Wales. When the dog saw her young human being attacked, the loyal pet sprung into action to protect Jones. Midi bit the man’s leg and dragged him to the ground giving Jones the opportunity to run away to safety.

“It was very frightening but Midi was fantastic. She is my hero,” Jones told Mirror News.

Jones took off and hid behind a bush until the man fled the scene and Midi came back to find her. Once the aggressor was nowhere in sight, the girl and her dog went back home.

“If the dog hadn’t done what she did we could now be dealing with something much worse,” said Jone’s mother Claire. “If Midi hadn’t defended Megan she may not have been able to get away.”

Jones did not suffer any serious physical injuries but was left traumatized. She now fears leaving her home. Midi, the hero dog, was not hurt by the aggressor.