Clever Ploy Gets Family’s Missing Dog Back

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7.5.13 - Clever PloyAn Indiana family has their missing dog back thanks to some clever thinking.

The Arroyo family’s husky mix, named Raiden, escaped the home through a window. They posted about their dog’s disappearance on Indy Lost Pets, which passed along the info on Facebook. A fan saw the notice, and saw a Craigslist ad for a dog that looked like Raiden. The dog was being sold for $1,000.

Two family members, posing as buyers, went to see the dog. They negotiated on a price, and left, saying they would be right back after getting money from an ATM.

They got the police instead.

So they went to the police station, got the police officer and then returned to the apartment,” said Christian Arroyo, who owns the dog with his wife. “They stayed outside while the police officer went upstairs to talk to them. They knew the jig was up pretty much as soon as they saw a cop at their door.”

Relieved to have their baby back, Christian said he will definitely be getting Raiden microchipped. He now knows just how important it is.


Clever acting gets missing dog returned


7 thoughts on “Clever Ploy Gets Family’s Missing Dog Back”

  1. Can anyone clarify? The story claims the dog escaped through the window, not stolen. A bit of a reach but maybe the sellers tried to find the original owner, failed, and (as humans are) selfishly tried to sell the dog to find new suitable owners (and a bit of money)

    • It is illegal to sell something you dont own. If the dog is not yours, you should take it to the human society and then claim it after the 4days, you would then get the paper work and all for the dog, if no one else has claimed it. The dog could have escaped and someone found him and tried to sell him as theirs. Happens all the time

    • The dog had been reported missing immediately….these fools posted it for sale on CL for $1000 shortly thereafter, even gave wrong color of eyes (to throw the owner off?). Something for $1000 with no papers, no proof of ownership? Here, if you find a dog, you are supposed to take it to AC for scanning and pic to give the owner a chance to claim it.It is also illegal to re-home it before 30 days. The police watching these scams and making arrests when they can.

  2. Craig’s list is a barrel of shit. Between free dogs going to dog fighting rings and now this crap where a found dog gets posted for sale for $1000. How many more times does this have to happen before people realize that Craig’s List is a piece of shit and should be taken down. Need I mention the ads for prostitution on Craig’s List? Obviously the owners of Craig’s List do not edit or oversee the product. They are there to make $ which sends an over riding message to participants. This list is about making money. Nothing ese.

    • you’re throwing the baby out with the bath water.

      i have a child and a severely limited income. thanks to craigslist and kijiji, my daughter can go to school without worrying that kids will mock her for wearing worn-out, ill-fitted, or shabby clothing because she’s outgrown them, nor does she have to worry about some kid pointing at her and saying “why are you wearing my old pants?”.

      thanks to craigslist, i was able to replace my fridge when it went bust – the stove was thanks to kijiji.

      your argument is like saying cars should be banned because ppl keep driving drunks.

  3. Two most important items for new dogs: Spay or neuter and microchip. If someone doesn’t care enough to do that, they probably shouldn’t have a dog.


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