Crossing the Line: YouTube Dog Abuse

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Allow me to vent, a recent YouTube find has my blood boiling tonight. This is the part of the internet that I despise – young punks with nothing better to do get bored and decide to amuse themselves at the expense of their animals, only to document it for the entertainment of their peers.

A firestorm is already brewing on our fan page, but in the interest of making sure that this dog is not subjected to another day of this mindless bullshit treatment, do spread this around a bit and see if we can’t find our way to the source. Nothing would please me more.

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30 thoughts on “Crossing the Line: YouTube Dog Abuse”

  1. I cannot watch this, but maybe on the upside, posting it will be the end of the abuser and someone will track him down and correct the behavior. SIck people in the world.

  2. Oohhh this makes me so upset! I hope that someone is able to track this kid down and have a serious conversation with the parents. The dog looks terrified…

  3. You should be ashamed of yourself for treating an animal like that!! How dare you!

  4. The video of Ms. Susan Still being violently abused by her Spouse at the time was discovered and saved her life. I hope the same holds true for the dog within this horrific clip.

  5. I assure you that this Pomeranian dog is loved and adored by this nearly 14 yr old young man. I do agree the crotch shot is in very poor taste taken by the videographer, another nearly 14 yr old young man. Squeaker lives in a wonderful home environment and has never been abused in any way. This boy loves his dog. Period. I would like to thank her former owner and this boy’s older brother for sharing this with me. Again, this little pom is adored, cherished and loved at all times. I know this because I ‘m his mother!!!

    • It’s not the bum shot that worries me. Please explain to your son that if he does this again he could dislocate that dogs legs.

    • “MOTHER” are u trying to make us believe that he was “adoring and loving his dog” in this way?? i guess u all need to seek help, not only the crazy kid u have , UGHHHH :((((

    • Now I understand the child’s behavior better. You are a delusional person if you think this is proper behavior. Your son is starting down a dangerous path here. One that can on day end in his death, or some one else. It is a proven fact that most all abusers and killers started out with helpless animals. I pray you come to terms with with this and seek help not only for your son, but for yourself as well.

    • HEaven help this poor dog if this is what “loved and adored” mean in your household. Your son needs help as he is on the path of becoming a socipath. One lady summarized the very well. Here’s what she said:

      “SERIAL KILLERS CANDIDLY SPEAK ON VIDEO INTERVIEWS (JEFFREY DAHMER/TED BUNDY ECT) about how the abused tortured and killed Animals First as a ‘rehearsal’ to their human Serial Killings! Children who display animal abuse are showing the MAJOR SIGN OF Sociopathic Tendencies-Another fact is Children who abuse animals are usually showing Post Traumatic Play (reenacting abuse done to them) Animal Control, Police Depts. Child Welfare Social Workers are now being cross trained because it is Extremely common when an animal is being abused in a household-other family members are being abused to-and the other way around..they are all LINKED!”

      Please get some help for your son.

  6. That is not a video of a dog being well loved and adored by the 14 year old owner!!!! That is a video of a dog being abused by a sadist, no excuses for such cruel and sickening behaviour…….

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