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Cruel, Dog-Kicking CEO Resigns

by Melanie

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 WARNING:  Graphic Video



You may have heard by now about Desmond Hague, the CEO who kicked a dog in an elevator – the story’s been everywhere.  Now because of all the negative press, the hot-tempered dog abuser is resigning.

Des Hague, CEO of international catering company Centerplate, was taking care of Doberman Pinscher puppy Sade for a friend.  For whatever reason, he lost his temper in a Vancouver elevator and kicked the poor dog, and yanked her leash so hard she was lifted into the air.

An employee at the Private Residences at the Hotel Georgia was disgusted by what they saw on the surveillance video, and sent a copy to the British Columbia SPCA, as well as multiple news outlets.  The video went viral, and soon sports fans and protesters boycotted and urged teams to end contracts with Centerplate, who provides food for dozens of sports venues in North America.

“We want to reiterate that we do not condone nor would we ever overlook the abuse of animals,” said Joe O’Donnell, chairman of the board for Centerplate. “Following an extended review of the incident involving Mr. Hague, I’d like to apologize for the distress that this situation has caused to so many; but also thank our employees, clients and guests who expressed their feelings about this incident. Their voices helped us to frame our deliberations during this very unusual and unfortunate set of circumstances.”

Hopefully now this creep will have some time to learn how to regulate himself and be kind to animals!
Hopefully now this creep will have some time to learn how to regulate himself and be kind to animals!


Hague was initially placed on “indefinite probation” and $100,000 was requested from his personal finances to establish the Sade Foundation in honor of the puppy he abused.  The board ordered him to serve 1,000 hours of community service at an animal welfare organization, and he is potentially facing animal cruelty charges.

“He personally needs to make assertive efforts toward realizing that what he did was wrong and demonstrate it,” said public relations professor Andrea Obston. “He’s going to be a hard, hard guy to employ over the next few years because no one wants to inherit that negative baggage.”

People still wanted Hague’s head on a platter, and an online petition quickly gathered about 200,000 signatures calling for his dismissal.  What really seemed to be a nail in the coffin was the drop in revenue – numerous people refused to buy food at arenas until Centerplate’s contract or Hague’s position was terminated.

A source said Hague had been at a reception and was taking Sade out for a walk after several drinks.  He says he the pup tried to lunge ahead and his fingers got hurt trying to control her on the leash.  Hague publicly apologized and claimed that what he did was “completely and utterly out of character.”  Whether this is typical of him or not, it is obvious that he needs to have some therapy sessions.

Hopefully Sade doesn’t suffer any lasting mental trauma.  It has been reported that with exception to the initial injury, there was no lasting physical injury.