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Dog Eats Almost 44 Socks!

by Melanie

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Anyone up for grilled socks?
Anyone up for grilled socks?


“What happened to the match for this sock?”  An Oregon family has finally gotten the answer to that age-old question – their dog really did eat them!  And amazingly enough, the three-year-old Great Dane survived.

Back in February, the unnamed family’s dog wasn’t eating and had been retching and vomiting all day, so they brought him to DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital.  Abdominal X-rays showed “a large quantity of foreign material” in his stomach.

One news reporter likened the post-feast discomfort to a person eating five large pizzas at once.

Dr. Ashley Magee got to work on exploratory surgery, and extracted 43 ½ socks.  It is unknown what happened to the other sock.  The Great Dane was stitched up and sent home to recover, with strict orders not to allow him near any laundry baskets.

Fortunately, this particular animal hospital has had some experience in this field; they once had to remove Gorilla Glue from a dog’s stomach.

DoveLewis has even recently won second place in a contest for the sock-chomping dog.  Veterinary Practice News has been running the contest “They Ate WHAT?” for nearly ten years, and awarded $500 to the animal hospital.  The funds will be used to help low-income pet owners pay for vet bills.