Cry Wolf: An Unethical Oil Story

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Cry Wolf: An Unethical Oil Story is a short film exploring the policies surrounding the Alberta government’s recent proposal to kill thousands of wolves in an effort to conceal the negative impacts of industrial expansion, most notably the Tar Sands, on woodland caribou populations.

This film documents the many experts, academics and journalists who are urging the government to reconsider this plan, saying it relies on a hidden industry agenda, not science.

Cry Wolf offers a glimpse into the world of scientists, journalists and internationally renowned wildlife and conservation experts who are all working to understand the implications Canada’s Tar Sands have on our politics, environment and, importantly, our future.

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  1. Is it not amazing how the natural predators are blamed for everything. I cannot believe that they are allowed to use poison bait, that kills everything which may contact the bait or its victims.


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