Cupid Undergoes Corrective Surgery to Fix His Deformed Legs

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On Feb. 13, 2014, Ruff Start Rescue learned about a 3-month-old hound dog found by a Good Samaritan ditched in a Minnesota snow bank. The young dog suffered from deformities on his face and front legs, but the rescue group did not know if these were a birth defect or a caused by nutritional deficiency.

On Valentine’s Day Ruff Start Rescue pulled the deformed dog from the dog pound and named him Cupid. He was taken to a foster home and a campaign was started to help him live a better life.

After consulting different vet specialists, it was determined that Cupid’s front legs could be corrected with surgery, but the rescue organization needed the public’s help to pay for the canine’s medical and rehabilitation costs.



On March 1, 2014, CBS 4 Minnesota ran Cupid’s story and viewers fell in love with the wobbly, energetic dog.

Within 48 hours the $6,000 needed for the surgery were collected and Cupid was scheduled to receive corrective surgery by University of Minnesota veterinarians the following week.

More than $8,000 has been donated to Cupid’s surgery and rehabilitation fund.

The surgery consisted on removing a small piece of bone from his legs, letting the remainder bone to fuse together in a straight position. With the help of splints and physical therapy, Cupid will be able to walk normally again.

The surgery was a complete success and the young hound has been recovering at his foster home for some weeks now.

Thousands of applications have come in to adopt him, but he won’t be ready to go to a forever home just yet. In two months Ruff Start Rescue will review all adoption applications and find Cupid the perfect forever home.

To follow Cupid’s road to recovery and to see how he is doing today, visits his Facebook page. To make a donation to help him or other pets in need, visit Razoo.


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  1. Heaven forbid should a veterinarian work for a discount. Lost track of how many times my small restaurant will feed a person in need and it hasn’t made a dent in my lifestyle.

    • How pompous! The story make it sound like a one time surgery and everything will be back to normal, but this is surgery, intensive care, nursing care, medication, anesthesia, equipment, weeks or months of rehabilitation therapy, and so much time with veterinarians (some of them specialists with years of training and experience to do this surgery correctly – you don’t learn this on the web), technicians, therapists and more. $8000 is probably very discounted for everything involved – more than stated in this short article. It’s wonderful that you give meals to the needy but you don’t give away everything because your suppliers still need to be paid to continue your restaurant. It’s great that Cupid is being helped.


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