Curious Puppy Gets Head Stuck in Unusual Place

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sinkpuppyTyson was having fun playing with his brother Rocky when he got himself into some trouble. The eight-week-old puppy got his head stuck in a sink. His owner rushed him and the sink to the vet when they were unable to free the puppy themselves.

Tyson and Rocky had been playing with the Odedra family’s daughter Sonal when she went upstairs to change. That’s when the family heard barking. “We heard barking and I thought something must be wrong because they never bark,” said Sonal’s mother Nilu. “My daughter started shouting to me. I ran down to her and saw Tyson had got his head stuck in the wastage plug hole of the sink.”

The sink had been discarded in the yard and Tyson got a bit too curious. The Odedras tried using shampoo to free the puppy but it didn’t work. So they took the dog and sink to the vet where they were able to free the puppy in a matter of minutes. Tyson escaped with no injuries.

Tyson after being freed

The vets had never seen anything like it. “It was really quite funny to see his tiny head sticking out of this huge sink,” said veterinarian Faye Martin. “He was a bit embarrassed when he was free.” Tyson got over the ordeal quickly and back at home was back to playing with his brother and enjoying being a puppy.