Cute Baby Animals Falling Asleep

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Baby animals falling asleep is just adorable, and this video is no exception.  Plus, there are fun facts with every animal!







23 thoughts on “Cute Baby Animals Falling Asleep”

  1. “Dogs have no sense of ‘time’.”

    False. False and then some. I’ve got three dogs that disprove this every single day. They wake us up at exactly 6:30, no matter what day of the week it is, but allow us to sleep in on the weekends. They ask for dinner every day at 5:30. Every single day.

  2. My dog knows time and keeps track of days too. We have friends that come over routinely on specific days and he KNOWS when they’re supposed to arrive he starts getting anxious if they don’t arrive on time. He also gets worried if my husband doesn’t come home when he’s supposed to.

  3. Dogs and cats both have a sense of time, they know everyday at 6 AM it is time to get up and be fed and again at 6 PM, they know that 10 PM they want us to go to bed and if we don’t the dog especially pouts! Who ever said dogs have no sense of time, don’t know dogs!


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