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German shepherd Almost Drowns Trapped in Sea Rocks

by Katherine

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In Mallorca, Spain, Yanko, an elder German shepherd, was rescued by firefighters from a rocky shore in Marina de Bonaire Cocodrilo, where the pet was trapped.

No one knows exactly how it happened, but it is believed the elder canine was walking along the rock wall when he slipped and became trapped in between the large sea boulders. Yanko’s head was the only thing visible, and the only way to free him was to pull him under water.

Photo Credit: E. Morro
Photo Credit: E. Morro


Local firefighters came to the pet’s rescue and tried to pull the dog from the rocks. However all attempts to retrieve him from on top of the wall failed.

The dog fought for a long time to stay alive and conscious, but after a while it was too difficult for him fight the sea waves. The dog was too exhausted and he simply gave up. Firefighters took this opportunity to pull the pet under water and save him from an agonizing death.

Once free, Yanko was rushed to the shore and revived. He was then transported to Natura Park, his owner was contacted and the two were reunited.

Yanko might be an old dog, but he still has a few more years left in him. He is safe and living life to the fullest with his caring owner.