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Dachshund Gets a Job as a Mechanic’s Assistant

by Melanie

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12.17.15 - Dachshund Gets a Job as a Mechanic1


Many of us are picking up extra shifts and doing side jobs this season, and this Dachshund in Russia is no different.  He hit the streets with résumés in hand, and landed himself a job as an auto mechanic’s assistant!

No, he’s not really being forced to toil his tail off fixing cars – he’s just helping out in a shop.  His owner has a custom-made smock for him, complete with little pockets to carry all those little wrenches.


12.17.15 - Dachshund Gets a Job as a Mechanic2


Because of their unnaturally elongated bodies, Dachshunds can easily suffer damage to their spines.  This little guy’s human has made sure not to load him up with too many tools.

Fixing cars is a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it, and at least this dog won’t need a creeper to get under the cars – he can just shimmy right under them!


12.17.15 - Dachshund Gets a Job as a Mechanic3