Dance Champ

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An impressive three minute dance routine if ever there was one. There was a similar video that went viral last year, but this clip has an even higher fun factor. Hang in there until the end, it’s adorable. This dog is brilliant.

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19 thoughts on “Dance Champ”

  1. WOW! I sure hope my two-legger doesn’t see this one…she took me to agility and someone told her about a dancing with your dog class. She has been threatening me with it ever since!

  2. I love the way the dog even tilts its head to spin under his arm… truly enjoying dancing with its friend. LOVE it!

  3. Okay, I’m gonna be a hater on this one. I just kept thinking “that poor dog.” Why do people insist on trying to make dogs into little people?? I hated that the dog had a skirt on for starters… but then to train it to “dance” on its 2 hind legs for what seemed like an eternity… I’d call that abuse on some level. The “happy” look on its face is not because it enjoys dancing. That breed of dog is always going to have that expression. Let dogs be dogs.

  4. Too funny – I mean that as I’m sifting through endless emails, blogs etc. after our trip, I read (JUST) – an email from my husband’s brother, who sent us the exact same video! Am still stunned by the fact that a golden could possible stand and do a walkabout for 3 minutes on hind legs! Have never seen it before – incredible! Thanks for sharing – actually, I was going to use it as an intermission post between Camping Part 2 and 3 heheh! Ah well… Love this!


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