Dancing for Dinner

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This dog has put more smiles on my face than anything I’ve seen all day. And you think your dog loves its food? Hang in there until the end – the finale rocks. 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Dancing for Dinner”

  1. It would be sweet if Fiona had some sort of ritual about eating…other than running to the bowl and hoovering everything in sight….but alas…tis not to be! I love Corgi’s!

  2. Aw….what a SWEET little Tap-Dancer!! The BEST part is at the end with the big wet dog-nose in the camera!!! xo

  3. cute but the dog is obese. Just the opposite of poor Patrick. Obviously, its owner likes to see it dance too much.

  4. My Zeus does a dance on my chest if I am laying in bed and he thinks I should be up getting him a treat. It involves twirls, spins, and a little jumping up and down. It’s all a game we play. He knows I’m not getting up until he gives me kisses lol.


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