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Greyhound Charity Auction Update: Big Turnout and Big Thanks to Alyssa Milano


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Thanks to you, the GALT/GU charity auction kicked off with a big bang. The number of posts, shares and tweets has been very encouraging and extremely effective.  With the weekend here I didn’t want to let everyone go without a quick reminder that the auction continues until the middle of next week.  Please remember to put the word out whenever possible – this is all about participation.

2 very encouraging notes

1. I received the following e-mail last night from the auction organizer and a friend.  🙂

Good Evening,

Here’s part of an email between M and me this evening.

This must be some kind of record.


I’m getting happy emails from people about the auction! I’ve sent your
> announcement email out to a whole list of mine, and Neil (Life With
> Dogs/Nigel Buggers) has over 5,000 Facebook friends.

I think all 5,000 people are bidding. The auction server is getting
slammed hard (nothing it can’t handle, though), and the bids are already



Now that’s what I like to hear! I received that e-mail at around 11  and just sat back and smiled. What more could you ask for on the opening day of a charity auction for one of the lesser known breeds of the dog world? Apparently, quite a bit. I was dozing off on the sofa when my yahoo e-mail alerts went nuts. I had about 20 new Twitter followers in a matter of five minutes – something I’ve never experienced. I was trying to figure out where the heck all of this traffic was coming from when I logged into my Twitter account and realized that Alyssa Milano had retweeted about my post with the auction details. There was an instant pile on and as far as I can tell, this auction is going to be a hit.

Sincere thanks to Alyssa and all who have helped in any capacity. Please remember to revive interest next week by sharing once or twice – you never really know who might be paying attention!

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