Death Row Dog Now Fights Crime

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Sadie is a narcotics police dog, but by just looking at her, you would never know she was once a dog on death row.

This smart, black Labrador sat in Clermont County Humane Society, in Batavia, Ohio. Her time was up and she was almost euthanized, but Cincinnati Lab Rescue stepped in to save her life.



“I remember her coming into our care as a very depressed and sad dog,” said Erin Skie, executive director for Cincinnati Lab Rescue, “but we knew she was going to have another purpose in life.”

Sadie was trained and soon her special skills came to light and landed her the perfect job within the Burlington, Ky., police department.

“We were looking for dogs to choose for the program,” said Doug Elder, narcotics dog trainer. “We wanted high drive, ball crazy dogs, and just to watch [Sadie] is so funny, she immediately comes out of the [police] car and wants to go to work.”

Sadie went from shelter, to death row, to rescue, to trained, and now to be a police dog. She is no longer depressed. On the contrary, she is overly excited to ride the squad car and go to work.

When she is not fighting crime and putting criminals behind bars, she is relaxing at home with her loving family or chasing after a ball just for fun.