Sheriff’s Deputies Nearly “Died Laughing” After Finding Home Intruder

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When the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office received a call about someone making a noise upstairs in a man’s house, they prepared themselves to face the worst.  When they came face-to-face with the culprit, they nearly died – of laughter.  The intruder?  One of the man’s dogs!

Last week deputies were called by a distraught 18-year-old.  He had been home alone when his dogs began agitatedly barking.  He knew their barking meant something was wrong, so he did a bit of investigating and heard noises coming from upstairs, near the roof.  He barricaded himself and his pets and called 911.

“We came out and he’s all afraid, thinking there’s a prowler in his house,” department spokesperson Spencer Crum told The Dodo.  “Several deputies arrived and went in the house, a couple of others stayed outside to search the exterior.

“One of the deputies outside the house heard this scratching noise,” he continued. “He shined his light around the house and saw this dog sticking his head out a skylight on the roof. The deputy said — and I quote — ‘At that point we ditched all tactics and died laughing.’”




The dog in question wasn’t even an intruder – he was one of the owner’s pets!  He got into an upstairs bedroom and was tall enough to stick his head out the skylight, enjoying view and the breeze.

“Apparently, the littler dogs had been freaking out because they couldn’t get up there,” said Crum.

In his panic, the young man didn’t realized that he hadn’t accounted for his largest dog.  Thankfully this was one situation that ended in smiles for all involved.

“I’ve done this job for 25 years, and there’s been a lot of strange calls,” Crum said. “A dog mistaken for an intruder in his own home? That’s pretty abnormal.”


0 thoughts on “Sheriff’s Deputies Nearly “Died Laughing” After Finding Home Intruder”

  1. From the general tone of the sheriff’s office, it sounds like it has more than its share of officers named ‘Bubba’!

  2. The dog photo is funny but not the fact that the kid was petrified and now made to feel like a complete fool for calling 911. Obviously, the kid was scared enough that he thought his life was in danger. I hope he can trust that he can rely on law enforcement if his life is ever truly in danger. Look, I laughed at the photo posted with the story too, but sadly the story was written as if the kid was a complete moron. Also, some of the reader comments eluded that he might have been doing drugs, WOW, the story itself just wasn’t good enough? You had to embellish at the kids expense? Give the kid a break. He was home alone, he got scared for his life. It’s a good thing for him that it turned out the way it did. I’d take my own dog over a psychopathic home intruder any day.


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