Desert Dog Rescue

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Another beautiful rescue success story compliments of Hope for Paws. You have to admire these fine people – and you’ll love the transformation evident in Rosie by the end of this clip. 

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17 thoughts on “Desert Dog Rescue”

  1. It takes a village… If it wasn’t for those special people whot took the time to care for Rosie…

    I need another tissue…


  2. I was so filled with joy when he came around and she was in the trap!! And when she started to realize that these people are here to help me and that tail began to wag of the joy I felt!!!

  3. I just love this story. I cried through the whole video and I am so glad that Rosie is in a good home. Nice work to all of the people who had a hand in this, you are great people with huge hearts. You all should be very proud of yourselves and Rosie. It is amazing to know there are still people out there like you.

  4. It was amazing how quickly she took to being with people again. What a sweet spirit. I followed the link to her new home, and she looks so happy and well adjusted. Way to go :).

    I find myself following links that lead me to rescues done by this guy on a semi-regular basis. Bless him and all that he does.


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