Blog Paws West Report: The Lite Version

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I can’t believe it has taken me days to collect myself and start catching up again. Oh wait – now that I look back on my calendar, I can believe it. The last week has escaped me. As did the majority of BlogPaws West. Unfortunately I had to bail early to get back to Vermont, so I’ll let you in on what I was able to see in about five hours. I must admit to overestimating my ability to cover much ground: I was too busy catching up with other bloggers to get much in the way of pics. I’ll set aside time next year for full coverage, and if you want a better idea of what goes on see my earlier post from the spring Blog Paws session.

DSC 13361

My first of two flights. Not a good sign!

DSC 1361

The view from my room.

DSC 1366

Cosmo did his best to raid schwag bags!

DSC 1369

Custom shirts were a great touch.

DSC 13751

Bring an empty suitcase – you’ll need it!

DSC 13891

I met this fellow at the front door.

DSC 1397

The Pedigree blogger squad.

DSC 1401

I was thrilled to see a Greyhound in attendance.

DSC 1403

More freebies!

DSC 1409

The main hall.

DSC 1440

Kyla’s lovely opening performance.

DSC 1454

Sharon Castellanos of Grouchy Puppy and Maria Goodavage from Dogster.

Caught with a headset again. What can I say, I live on the phone!

And that’s all I have to share. Sessions and speeches did not kick off until the next day, so if you want to see the rest of the story head over to the Blog Paws site. I hope to meet you at Blog Paws 2011.  Big thanks to Pedigree for sponsoring my trip!

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