Despite Sandy’s Devastation, One Family Finds Joy

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The Vaillancourt family with Dewey

Sandy made waves and rocked the shores on Monday, leaving death and destruction in her wake.  While sequestered in evacuation shelters or relatives’ homes farther inland, east coast residents worried about what they would come home to:  flooded basements, tree limbs through windows and unrecognizable streets.  But for one family, their minds were occupied with their missing dog, Dewey.

The five-year-old Chinese crested ran away Sunday night as the Vaillancourt family prepared for the hurricane.  They were taking in patio furniture while Dewey and their other Chinese crested, Gracie, were indoors.  The tiny dog barely has body fur and wears a sweater in the cold weather, but it would have been soaked in the torrential downpour.  Dewey had escaped before, and was not wearing the GPS collar he normally dons.  The skittish shelter adoptee slipped by the open gate and vanished.

The family spent two days not knowing where Dewey might have gone, or if he would survive the storm.  They searched the internet, posted an ad on Craigslist and scoured the streets.   A couple miles away, a small dog was spotted in a man named Bob Foss’ yard by his neighbor, Paul Brulé.  The pair tried to lure Dewey to them with cookies, but the shy dog stayed put.  Foss decided to take a peek on Craigslist, where he found an ad for a dog matching Dewey’s description.  Dottie Vaillancourt was contacted, and she immediately came to claim her pup.

“He’s the sweetest little dog, for everything he’s been through,” Vaillancourt said.

While many are mourning what they lost, the Vaillancourts are celebrating what they have found.


2 thoughts on “Despite Sandy’s Devastation, One Family Finds Joy”

  1. I realize people panic when facing a storm of this magnitude. But- seriously – is the patio furniture more important than a four-legged family member? Why not simply crate this little guy while storm preparations are being made? According to the article he has done the doggie dash on previous occasion(s) (“Dewey had escaped before” so you would THINK the family WOULD THINK about ensuring their dog was safe before going to rescue their yard accessories.

    Einstein opined that there were two and only two things that were infinite – the universe and human stupidity, and the corollary to that opinion was that he wasn’t so sure about the universe.

    And you just can’t cure “stupid.”

  2. So glad the pup is safe.
    A good lesson in why dogs should be crated FIRST before any activity that keeps a door open very long, such as workmen or deliveries or special preparedness. Some dogs are upset by such activities and seek to find a place that doesn’t make them frightened.
    And if he is a door darter, there are some training programs to help. Even some programs like TTouch may help him get over his fears so that a solution could be found to why he tries to escape over and over.
    A GPS collar won’t prevent him from being run over or killed by another larger dog.
    Please keep this little guy safe….he depends on you.


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