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Heroic Detective Pays for Hit-and-Run Service Dog’s Medical Care

by Fred

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10.7.14 - Detective Helps Hit and Run Dog5

In Tacoma, Washington a local detective has helped the family of a service dog that was a victim of a hit-and-run driver.  Not only did the detective rush the dog to medical assistance, but has really gone all out in an effort to help Spice and her family.

Spice is the Cloud family’s service dog, put in charge of making sure Faith’s life is a little bit easier.  Faith is eight years old, and has cerebral palsy.

“That dog is just so special,” said Faith’s mom, Tonya Cloud.  “She loves my daughter.”

Spice is always there for Faith.  She makes sure the family is alerted to any trouble Faith may be having.

10.7.14 - Detective Helps Hit and Run Dog2

Spice unfortunately now is suffering from a broken pelvis and other internal injuries, and is recovering at an emergency vet clinic.  She got loose from her leash, and was hit by a vehicle near the corner of 9th Street and Saint Helen’s in downtown Tacoma.

Detective Ryan Salmon of the Pierce County sheriff’s came upon the scene after seeing people begin to gather around the dog.

“They said they didn’t have a car so I offered to drive them down to the emergency vet clinic at 56th and Durango,” said Salmon.

10.7.14 - Detective Helps Hit and Run Dog1

When they got Spice to the clinic, the dollars began to add up to much more than the Cloud family had.  X-rays alone were beyond what they could afford, and the situation was looking grim.

“If I wouldn’t have been able to afford any of it, I would have had to put her down,” Tonya said.

“I didn’t want the family to make the hard decision about whether or not to keep the dog, so I offered to cover the remainder of the bill,” Salmon said.

10.7.14 - Detective Helps Hit and Run Dog3

Tonya was taken aback by the move.  Spice and her family would get the chance to be together again, and all thanks to a detective with a huge heart.

“Like, who does that?” said Tonya.  “A stranger wouldn’t have done that, let alone a cop.”

In order for a full recovery to be possible, and for Spice to be able to walk again, surgery is required.  The family has managed to get together $1,000, but still needs about $3,000 to complete the bill.  Any one that wants to help, can do so by clicking here.

10.7.14 - Detective Helps Hit and Run Dog4