Twenty Puppies Rescued from Field in Saskatchewan

by Fred

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10.7.14 - Twenty Puppies Rescued from Field in Saskatchewan1

A total of twenty puppies were found abandoned in an open field near Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada by Greg Zubiak.  Zubiak was out hunting at the time, and saw the pups ranging from three to six weeks old huddled together on a towel.

“As I walked around the truck I could see two little eyes looking at me and I could see it was puppies.  So then all of them looked at me and I was shocked,” explained Zubiak.  “All I said was, ‘OK, come on,’ and as I said that, they all got up and made their way towards me howling and barking.”

Zubiak wrapped the pups up in his jacket to keep them warm, and brought them straight away to the local humane society in Battleford (BHS).

Michelle Spark, the BHS shelter coordinator couldn’t imagine why someone would abandon the pups, but suspect that they may have been meant to be coyote bait.

10.7.14 - Twenty Puppies Rescued from Field in Saskatchewan2

The pups were in poor shape when brought in.  Each one of them showed signs of dehydration and malnutrition.  After a full medical workup, the pups are expected to make a full recovery.

Now the task of making sure there is space for each of the puppies and enough supplies to get them into adoptable shape.  The shelter is seeing quite a bit of help for people throughout the surrounding areas.  So far, there has been inquiries and responses from over 300 people and organizations poised to assist with just about anything.

The Facebook post from the BHS has had over 70,000 views, and offers as far away as Mexico have come in for anything these precious little guys need.  The BHS is requesting those that can help, please send Purina Puppy Chow, small puppy toys and any donations towards medical attention.  To view the Facebook page, click here.

10.7.14 - Twenty Puppies Rescued from Field in Saskatchewan3