Dexter and Thumper Are a Bonded Pair That Have Been Waiting Over 4 Years for a Forever Family

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1.15.17 - Dexter and ThumperFEAT

Dexter and Thumper are not just best friends, they’re brothers!  This dynamic pair of senior dogs have been together forever, and their rescue, Valley Dog Rescue in Arizona really doesn’t want to see them split up.  They really do belong together, and the rescue has asked us to feature these great dogs to see if maybe SOMEONE will give them a proper home.

Let’s see what Valley Dog Rescue has to say about them:

1.15.17 - Dexter and Thumper2

Dexter and his brother Thumper were originally rescued and adopted 3-4 years ago, but were surrendered to a Humane Society out of state about 6 months ago.  Luckily due to their microchips, Valley Dogs Rescue was contacted and we now have them back in AZ and available for adoption.  These two boys are very deserving of a new stable home and will be thrilled to be out of the boarding facility! They have been through a lot, but are resilient and have so much to offer a furever family!

They can be a little shy at first, especially since they are in a kennel environment, but love people once they get to know you.  Thumper especially loves to sit on laps and get pet for as long as possible.  Dexter tends to be the more independent of the two, but still enjoys attention as well.  They are both huge fans of the lean into your legs move.  They love playing with toys since, after all, they are still young, but do tend to herd due to their breed if they see fast moving objects.  For this reason, Valley Dogs is looking for a home without small children running in the house.

1.15.17 - Dexter and Thumper3

Dex and Thumper are very dog friendly and very used to playing with several dogs at a time.  Placing them in a home with another dog wouldn’t be an issue.  From what we can tell they are a mix of Australian Heeler, Cattle dog and Lab.  Dexter is about 50 pounds, whereas Thumper is about 40.  They would make great running partners or hiking companions, but would do fine in a household that is less active as well.  They are completely vaccinated, fixed, micro-chipped and ready for adoption.

Wouldn’t you like to meet them?  If so, please contact Brittany at Valley Dogs Rescue.

Email[email protected]