Dinner with Patrick

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If you never thought your heart would soar at the sight of a dog having a meal, you haven’t met Patrick yet.

One of the worst dog starvation cases in memory has resonated with animal lovers the world over, and those who have come to know his story have been deeply affected by the spirited, resolute red pit bull mix discovered in a trash bag at the bottom of a 22nd story Newark apartment building garbage chute on March 16th. The fact that Patrick is alive is nothing short of a miracle, and those following his recovery continue to wait for updates with baited breath.

Today’s update is self explanatory, and is rather encouraging: Patrick is well enough to eat again, and by the looks of it, he’s also on the verge of making one hell of a comeback.

Good boy. ♥

104 thoughts on “Dinner with Patrick”

          • This dog has completely captivated me and won my heart. I think of him all the time and check for updates all the time. I would love to take him but I have 3 cats and 2 dogs and Patrick deserves to be a one dog only for now. I hope and pray the girl at the hospital is able to adopt him. You can see the love in both of their eyes that they should be together. I am so happy that this horror story has become an inspiration and made the public aware of animal abuse. He is a symbol for abused animals everywhere. Love you Patrick!

    • I love this little dog..he’s won my heart totally ♥ I wish him a full recovery and a loving home and family …where he will always be loved and treated with so much kindness all the days of his life. I love you Patrick ♥


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